Competition Shooting – All Round Registered

I hope you have all had a fabulous Easter break and been able to get out with your gun. If you are anything like me you will have consumed your body weight in chocolate and alcohol and gone shooting as much as possible.

My long weekend started with a competition shoot with one of my shooting mad friends. This lady will honestly shoot anything without a worry, she is the complete opposite to me. I like to challenge myself but equally I don’t like feeling completely out of my depth.

Come and shoot an All Round Registered with me it will be fun!

Well it wasn’t until the day before I realised it was a County Championship shoot for my own County! I was never in with a chance of winning but knowing it was such an important shoot certainly worries me. To say I was nervous is probably an understatement; I very nearly backed out that morning, but I dragged myself there and I was definitely glad I did.

For those of you who don’t know what an All Round (AR) registered shoot is (I will admit I didn’t know until about a week before) it is a mixture of disciplines combined in one round. All registered AR competitions must consist of 100 targets and be shot in the following sequence:- 25 Single Barrel DTL, 25 ABT, 25 English Skeet and 25 English Sporting. You must shoot all four disciplines to their own rules and regulations so I would recommend reading up on these here. There are a maximum of five shooters in a squad and each shooter must start in the same position every round; if you are unfortunate enough to be put down first in your squad like my friend was then you will be shooting first in every round!

Although I had gotten to grips with the rules before I got there the nerves got the better of me and these disappeared from memory. I have never shot Skeet, ABT or Single Barrel DTL so I had no idea what to expect. I was lucky enough to be put in a squad with some amazing trap shots and they gave me the low down on each discipline as our squad was called up to shoot it. They were fantastic and certainly helped put my nerves at ease. To watch these guys shoot was a real treat; they were outstanding!

There was a lot of waiting around between rounds as there were so many squads on the day. Luckily enough there was plenty of tea and cake and a fair few people I knew so it was nice to sit inside and have a catch up. This waiting between rounds did mean it was difficult to keep concentration as it was very broken up unlike a Sporting registered shoot which is all done in one round. This seemed to help my scores rather than hinder them which was a bonus!

I always shoot better after eating cake! It must be my Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club Roots!

I am very pleased to say I scored my highest ever score in a registered shoot on this day which I was over the moon with, especially given I had only shot one of the disciplines before. Maybe I am more of a trap shot than a sporting shoot after all ha!

If you want to give other disciplines and competition shooting a go in a more relaxed and laid back environment then I would definitely recommend signing up to an All Round Registered shoot. As competitions go it was more relaxing than a Sporting Registered which is very full on and the chance to try out some different disciplines was immense fun. That’s another tick on the 2018 achievements list!

One final word of advice when shooting ABT or Single Barrel DTL – they use voice activated traps so make sure you are quiet when you enter! Setting off someone else’s bird would really not go down well!