My Wildfowling Essentials

Below is a list of my essentials when out Wildfowling. Being fairly new to the sport I am sure there are plenty of other useful things I am yet to discover. Do let me know if there is anything on your list of essentials that I need to add to mine!

Gloves – trust me there is nothing worse than having cold and wet hands so invest in a good pair of gloves. I swear by my Sealskinz gloves, they are warm, waterproof and even have folding back thumb and forefinger for shooting. Chuck a pair of hand warmers inside them and your hands will stay toasty all day! I buy my hand warmers here and they are just perfect. I favour these over the gas ones which I have never gotten on with.

Boots – only wellies or waders will do! You will at times be up to your knees in water so you will want some good tall boots or waders to stay dry. I wore my Le Chameau and they worked a treat. Although I do have some waders on my wishlist! If it’s really cold then some foot warmers like these are a great idea, and cheap too.

Coat – you will want a coat that is not only waterproof but warm and roomy so you can move around when shooting. I was treated to a real tree pattern camouflage coat for Christmas from Decathlon but there are a lot of amazing brands out there to suit your budget.


Hood or balaclava – if like me you suffer with cold ears and nose then a hood or balaclava is a must. I treated myself to a real tree balaclava like this from Seeland; it is lightweight enough that I don’t feel smothered but it’s just thick enough to keep me warm.


Other Items – waterproofs, thermal underwear/under armour and thick, thick socks (or a few pairs)! A crate that you can use as a seat is a great idea too, tie some baler twine through to make a strap for over your shoulder and you are good to go.

Gun – I took my over and under Beretta with me the last couple of times however I definitely wouldn’t want to take it again. The peat out on the Somerset levels is very corrosive and can cause the barrels to rust quickly; also the wood can easily be ruined when spending prolonged periods of time in water and mud. A synthetic semi auto is best for Wildfowling as the barrel chambers are longer which allows larger shot to be used. Being synthetic is will not come to much harm out in the wet and mud like a natural stock would.

I have recently acquired a new semi-auto from Armsan and I love it – keep an eye out for my review on this gun coming up soon!