Spanish Boot Company – New Field Boots

As many of you will have seen I have been trying out some leather Spanish Riding Boots from the Spanish Boot Company in the field. It is safe to say I have well and truly put these boots through their paces this season so far, and we are only half way through it!

So what Boots did I choose?

Possibly one of the hardest decisions to make was the style of boot. I knew I wanted brown leather with a tread sole as I wanted something for wearing out in wet, cold and muddy fields during the game season. However choosing between the styles was very difficult. To view the range of Spanish Riding Boots click here

I opted for the Wave as thought the added flap over the zip would help to protect it from mud. As usual I went with Wide Fit boots as these are just perfect for me but they do offer standard fit or made to measure depending on your shape.

The Wave Spanish Riding Boot in Brown with a Tread Sole in Wide Fit

What did I use to protect them?

As soon as I got my boots I treated them with Sno-Seal which helps to create a waterproof barrier over the leather. This stuff is just fantastic and I would definitely recommend treating all leather boots with this if you intend to wear them out in wet and muddy conditions.

I also have the Spanish Boot Company wax leather protector which I have been putting on my boots on a regular basis. This has helped to keep the leather supple and fresh looking.

I always keep boot trees in my tall boots too as I don’t like them sagging!

How have they fared??

Well I have to say the boots have done exceptionally well; better than I thought they ever would. I have always been a solid Dubarry fan and have never worn anything else when out in the field; but I have to say I am a convert.

My first Game Day this season was in Dorset and wow was it wet. The entire week leading up to the day it had been raining so the fields had all turned to bogs. On some drives I was standing in water that came almost to my ankle. The boots survived well and after a clean, dry and wax at home they were back to looking in tip top condition. These boots are not technically waterproof and they do not have an inner seal inside the zip like Dubarry’s do for example, however, they kept my feet dry for the entire day!

My second game day was much drier although still very muddy. I had a lot of compliments on my boots, especially regarding the Wave pattern which many people had not seen before. These boots not only look great but also stand up well against country boots when being out through their paces in some rather tricky terrain.

I have also worn the boots to many clay grounds and have had no issues. The tread soles are excellent and provide perfect grip, the height of the boots sits comfortable just below the knee so no digging in when I am sitting down, and the wide fit offers the best fit for my calves.

These boots are really versatile and can take you for a day out shooting in the field to a night out for dinner with the other half. They are a staple must have for any shooting ladies wardrobe!


Overall, I have been incredibly impressed with these stunning boots and how they have fared this season. They have scrubbed up well and still look almost as good as new! They have been through bogs, streams, mud almost to my knee and brambles and they have come out the other side looking great. If you are looking for some beautiful boots for out in the field then look no further, the style is unique and elegant and they stand up well to all terrains. Although I would say if there is standing water of more than 6 inches then go for wellies just to be safe!