Remember To Have Fun With Your Gun

It is very easy to get caught up in the competition of shooting, and the urge to always shoot to the best of your ability. It is easy to forget why we took up the sport in the first place. There is nothing wrong with wanting to always push yourself, but remember you need to have some fun along the way.

I went through a difficult time this year with my gun and we certainly experienced our ups and downs. I shot some major competitions such as The ICTSF Worlds and gave myself little time to just go out and enjoy shooting. I was no longer shooting for fun but for ‘scores on the doors’ and when things went wrong it really put a dampener on my spirits. One registered shoot I went to and shot appallingly; I mean I scratched about 5 stands! Every time I was shooting it was for a competition and the pressure was really taking its toll.

Proof I shot The Worlds. I’m number 172

I stopped all competition shooting in the summer and decided to have fun again whether that be on Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club Days, out with friends or, as many of you have seen, game days. We all took up this sport because we enjoy it and sometimes we just need to go out and have a little fun. I have laughed, giggled, whooped and cheered and I can honestly say it has been the best!

I have been on a few Christmas shoots recently with our clay ground and my gun club and they have been epic! We wore Christmas jumpers, Reindeer antlers, ate mince pies and some of us even jingled bells! Sometimes it’s great to not take yourself too seriously and laugh at those easy shots you miss. When there are no score cards involved it really doesn’t matter if you stuff a few targets because you are still laughing from the jokes your friends have just told.

I’m not saying don’t shoot competitions and be serious with your shooting, it’s natural to want to push ourselves to the best of our ability. But remember to mix the serious with some silliness and laughter.

This sport is made for enjoying so go out and enjoy it!