My First Game Day – So What Did I Wear?

For me part of the fun of shooting is getting dressed up for the occasion and wearing something you wouldn’t in your normal day to day life! I spend so much of my time in jeans that it is nice to put on a skirt or some tweed and adorn a beautiful hat with huge feathered pin!

So I spent a lot of time planning and prepping my outfit for my first driven game day. I have a few beautiful tweed sets from Emma Brown Tweed and have always felt fantastic in her clothing that I just knew I would have to wear one of these. There really was no other choice for such a special event! I went with the gold grouse loaders skirt in the Thistle tweed with matching waistcoat and poachers coat; and I topped it off with the matching gold silk scarf!

Mustard was the order of the day!

Given there would be a lot of walking through mud; and I mean a LOT of mud, I needed to make sure my feet were warm, dry and comfortable. I wore my brown leather Wave Spanish Riding Boots from The Spanish Boot Company combined with some House of Cheviot socks in mustard; to match the outfit of course! The boots I had previously treated with Sno-Seal to be sure they were fully waterproof and it worked a treat. At times I was stood in mud almost to my knees and my feet remained bone dry!

Of course I finished the outfit with a fedora and very large feather pin. I wouldn’t be a lady gun if I didn’t wear one of these now would I?!