Buying Your First Gun

Choosing the right gun is an absolute mine field. There are so many makes, types and styles. Do you go for a ‘clay’ gun or a ‘game’ gun. Over and under or side by side? 12 bore or 20 bore or, as is becoming more popular, a 16 bore?

I definitely rushed into buying my first gun. Having only ever shot a Beretta Silver Pigeon 20 bore I was told this would be the best for me as a ‘lady’. As much as I loved my gun I only had it a year before I decided that I really wanted a 12 bore, especially now that I was taking part in more competitions. Having tried Beretta, Browning and Miroku (although these are not the only three brands out there) I decided to stick with Beretta and went for a Silver Pigeon Classic as I just loved the wood! Yes I know how that sounds …

My advice would be to definitely try as many different calibre and brands before choosing your favourite. For me the Miroku and Browning were too heavy but I know many ladies who shoot them and love them so it really is down to personal preference and of course budget.

As I was spending most of my time clay shooting I went for an over and under as these are generally more accurate. However, I did shoot my first ever side by side this year and fell in love so would certainly like to add to my collection with one of these for game days or even specific side by side competitions. However, I do only have a three gun cabinet so that might need upgrading first!

Many companies are now tailoring guns specifically to women by shaping the stock more to make them lighter. You can even get ‘ribless’ guns which really are stunning; but this is quite a new idea so I don’t think I will be rushing to get my gun made ribless just yet!

So in essence don’t rush into buying your gun. Try as many as you want until you fall in love with the right one. Believe me when you know you know!

If you are looking to get your first gun I would be happy to give you some advice and can point you in the direction of a reputable gun dealer with an exceptional selection of guns.