Supreme Shooting Style

One of my favourite things about shooting and outdoor pursuits is the vast array of clothing available. It is always hard to find what suits you, and I am very selective about what I wear in the field. It must be practical and functional, but at the same time I like to look stylish and unique in what I wear.

In 2016 I was at Burghley Horse Trials when I stumbled across Emma Brown Tweed, and was immediately hooked. Emma Brown has spent a large part of her life involved in shooting and has designed a range of beautiful hand crafted garments inspired by the British Countryside.

All of her garments are based on traditional designs but with a contemporary twist. Traditional tweed is seamlessly, if you’ll pardon the pun, embellished with detailing such a pleats and bows, and incorporates complementing silk and lace elements. Whenever I wear them I get no end of compliments both about the clothes themselves, but also how good I look in them; which is always nice!

I hear so many ladies say they cannot wear tweed as they are too ‘large’. To those ladies I want to say there is no such thing as too large, you just haven’t found the right brand yet. I am a curvy girl and I too struggle to find clothes that fit my large hips and narrow waist. Emma has designed her items for ‘real women’ with natural, hourglass figures and they fit perfectly everywhere. Go out there and try her tweed – I promise you will love it!

Over the last year I have added to my collection of Emma Brown garments, and can’t wait to wear them out this season. Some of my ensembles are below:

Loader Skirt and Glorious Waistcoat

Lace Skirt and matching Jacket

Glorious Waistcoat and matching Breeks

‘Poacher’s’ Coat (matches my Glorious Waistcoat, Loader Skirt and Breeks)

So ladies, if you are looking for country clothing of exceptional quality that you can wear in the field and make you look and feel f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c look no further and get in touch with Emma.