The Glorious Twelfth

Up until two years ago I had no idea that the 12th of August was anything but a date in the diary. Oh how wrong I was! This date signifies the start of the Game season and so the Glorious Twelfth is a date many have looked forward to for some time.

The twelfth holds a lot of significance for me this year as it is the start of a new adventure in my life.

2017 will be my first year of Game shooting and I am so incredibly excited.

I have four dates in the diary, so far … and I am counting down the days until I am meeting the fellow guns in the field. The homemade sloe gin has been strained and is ready to fill the hip flask and my first ever pair of breeks have been ordered!!

Before I ventured into Game shooting I wanted to ensure I was a good enough shot so I have spent the last two years practising on SIM days, high towers and grouse butts to ensure I am prepared. I have bought lots of tweed, and I mean lots! As well as waterproofs, thick gloves and boot socks. I am as prepared as I am ever going to be and I am ready to take on this new challenge.

I am excited by the new friends I will meet, the laughs I will have and the memories I will make. 

I hope wherever you are shooting this season the weather is kind, the birds are high and fast and you enjoy every glorious second. Shoot straight! 


Glorious Twelfth Outfit Inspiration

My Game season staples include –