The Spanish Boot Company




I am delighted to announce I have been asked to join the Spanish Boot Company Style Advocate team!!


Those of you who know me know I am a boot addict!! Being a country girl through and through and spending much of my time out in the field means I practically live in boots.

Having joined the pony club at a young age means my calves are rather large so I tend to struggle to find boots that fit. With the Spanish Boot Company I can order any Boot in to fit my leg either in ‘wide calf’ or ‘made to measure’ which means I can get the boot I want to fit me. Yippeee!!! It goes without saying the made to measure service also caters for those of you lucky enough to have slender pins!

The Spanish Boot Company have been around since 2002 and are the original importers of Spanish style boots in the U.K.

You can find out more about the Spanish Boot Company here

More about their style advocates here

And view their wide range of wide fitting boots here if like me you have curvy calves! 

I got my first pair of SBC boots back in April and I have worn them a lot, and I mean a lot!! The only time I have had to take them off was during our hot spell of weather, but now that things have turned the boots have come back out. I just love the smell of leather from the boots and the fit is perfect. After a couple of days of wearing in the boots are now perfectly moulded to my legs and are possibly the most comfortable boots I own!

I have a beautiful pair of tread soled boots on order so watch this space for more about these lovely boots and how they hold up in the field!

As a Style Advocate I am more than happy to offer any advice on the Spanish Boot Company boots and products so please do get in touch if you have any questions. My boots do get a good work out so if anyone knows about hard wearing boots it is me!

My boots

The Classic Spanish riding Boot in Tan – wide calf  with flat leather soles