The right Glasses for the Job

I have been shooting for over two years now and I have only just decided to invest in some decent shooting glasses. Although I have always worn eye protection it is usually either my trusty pair of Raybans or my freebie Bloc interchangeable lense glasses. Instead of spending money on; let’s face it; boring things, I would rather spend my money on CLOTHES, SHOES and handbags!! I am a lady after all…

But this year whilst shooting the 4th ICTSF World Sporting Championship I noticed how the majority of the shooters had some rather ‘hi-tech’ glasses and all promised they upped their game by making those clays more defined. So with the urge to spend some money and my scores being, well, AWFUL, I marched over to the glasses stand to investigate some Pilla glasses.

I instantly knew I needed a pair. I usually shoot in contacts which is really frustrating on a long or windy day as my eyes dry out and vision becomes blurry. The beauty of Pilla is you can get a prescription lense that fits into the glasses behind the coloured safety lense. This means you can buy a multitude of coloured lenses without having to get a prescription put into each lense! B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T

Not only can you select different sized lenses, you can also pick different arms and colours. You really can create the perfect glasses for you and select some fantastic colours for all different lights! I went for the Outlaw glasses as these are large lenses that wrap around the head a fair bit to prevent any wind blowing in from the side.

For the second course of the competition I was switching lenses depending on the light and colour of the clay. I ended the day on 13 more than the previous day! The glasses obviously worked.

Instead of twiddling chokes I twiddle lenses!!

What makes Pilla so special??? 

They have partnered with Zeiss to offer the finest in visual lens science. Zeiss has been producing optical perfection since 1846 and is recognized as the international leader in optics. For over 165 years, Zeiss has accepted nothing less than creating the industry standard. Pilla is proud to engineer the finest products in the world with a company that holds the same beliefs.

The outlaw glasses

The Outlaw X Series is powered by VIVX lenses by ZEISS and is certified to be a perfect optical instrument. The athlete is presented with an unobstructed view without any imperfection or visual disruption. The Outlaw X Series incorporates Pilla’s unique counter balancing temple geometry to reduce all felt weight on the bridge of the nose. The temple arms are intentionally designed to wrap the head. We have increase the length by 6mm to create this geometry. 

Every lens has an integrated rubber sweat bar to hold the lens off the forehead and to prevent smudging of the backside of the lens. Additionally, the rubber sweat bar has integrated vents to improve air flow on the back side of the lens to reduce any potential fogging.

So in short; these glasses were a rather large investment but I think they are worth every penny. Why fork out thousands for a gun, hundreds on cartridges and clays to then scrimp on the safety gear for the one thing you need to make you a good shot; your eyes! Whatever you do make sure you always wear eye protection and if like me you are looking for something to enhance your vision to try and get you those extra couple of points then look no further than Pilla. I really do believe these are the best glasses I will ever have!