I want to keep my first blog short and sweet with a brief overview of my journey over the last two years.

I first picked up a gun in 2015 when I begrudgingly joined my husband for a lesson at Lady’s Wood Shooting School. My only experience of shooting up to that point was my grandfather in damp tweed and a flat cap out in the field with some other old boys, before heading to the pub for a game of crib. I certainly never imagined it was a sport women enjoyed as well … oh how wrong I was.

As soon as I fired a shot and saw that clay turn to dust in front of me I was hooked. Having had a few lessons with my husband I then ventured into shooting with an all female gun club The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club and that is when things really kicked off.

As well as the S&CBC I joined various other shooting groups such as Femmes Fatales, CPSA and also BASC. I made some amazing shooting friends and signed up to some pretty huge shooting competitions – mad I know given I hadn’t long been shooting, but I have some pretty mad friends!


I started off getting my first gun around 6 months after I started shooting and following everyone’s advice (being a woman in the shooting community you get a lot of this) I went for a 20bore. This was a brilliant first gun and really helped with my training as it was light and easy to carry. After taking part in a few competitions I soon realised that the majority of people shoot with a 12bore and perhaps I should give one a try. I went along to my next CPSA registered shoot with my husbands 12bore Beretta and I scored a new PB. That was it, I was off to trade in the 20bore for a 12bore and I have never looked back.

This year I have competed in some major competitions such as the Essex Masters, Beretta Worlds and just last weekend the ICTSF World Sporting Championship. More to come on these next time.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.